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Join a growing, smart community of fitness studio owners using one of the most robust (and affordable) tools on the market today.
Optimal business management software for small businesses, compatible with 3 devices
Our Features
Save time, effort, and money by using automated and tailored approaches to client communication.


The Client Management Dashboard acts as your studio's daily "to-do" list.

Our team of experts can help you set up custom categories to identify clients that need a personal touch with their outreach.

Through the dashboard, your team has the ability to email, text, and gain insight into specific client details for your leads and members.
Loyalsnap dashboard cards showing modal information of a client

SMS Blasts

Send out news, studio updates, and promotions to increase retention and maximize sales.

You can text multiple clients at once using SMS + MMS based on specific criteria segmented directly in the Loyalsnap Portal or a list that you upload.

You can even use keywords and auto-responses to see how effective your messages are!
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Assign Tasks

Managing your daily tasks and staying organized has never been easier!

Seamlessly create, edit, or complete follow-up tasks directly in your Portal.

You can assign tasks to team members with notes about the client and have a clear view of what's upcoming and what's overdue.
A Loyalsnap feature dashboard representing tasks


When you begin with Loyalsnap, our team of industry experts will create a custom flow of SMS and email communications tailored to your studio.

Our automations will save your staff time and energy, allowing you to focus manual outreach on the clients who need it most.
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Text inbox

Text messaging is the best method to reach clients in today’s marketplace.

Through your Loyalsnap Portal, you are able to send personalized texts to clients as well as automate outreach.
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Mobile App

We understand that as Studio owners and fitness industry team members, you are constantly on the go with greeting clients, teaching classes and running your business! 

To make communicating with clients easier, Loyalsnap has created a Texting Inbox app for your mobile device to send and receive messages from anywhere. You can view and send texts as well as view important client details.
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Dynamic Client Lists

Our Dynamic Client Lists will provide deeper insight and transparency into your client lifecycle, allowing you to focus more on what matters: building relationships to convert leads to members. 

You also have the option to export your Dynamic Client Lists, allowing you to take the valuable insights within Loyalsnap anywhere. You can segment different lists of your clients based on specific conditions that you define.
A Loyalsnap feature dashboard representing dynamic client lists with option to export list as csv


Loyalsnap reporting will help you keep track of new leads and current clients alike.

We monitor all the communications being sent through Loyalsnap so you can make data-driven decisions about future marketing efforts.
A Loyalsnap feature dashboard representing reports


Loyalsnap knows the importance of catching leads while they're hot, which is why we offer an external lead integration with Google Sheets, Facebook, and more!

We can set up touch points in the Dashboard as well as in Automations, so no prospect falls through the cracks.
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Feature Rich + An Easy Switch

A man, Eric Hangstrom wearing a red camo t-shirt, standing confidently.
Eric Hagstrom
Owners • CycleBar (3 locations)
The biggest thing for us is a having a uniformed inbox. It completely changed the way we look at member engagement.

Trying to do the work in our CRM just wasn't as effective for us, especially post-pandemic. We needed something more powerful.

Loyalsnap is easy to use, we get better results, and our members enjoy having regular communication with us. 

PLUS - I've spent less on Loyalsnap than I have on any of the other marketing initiatives I've launched in the past. It's a win-win!
Group of individuals cycling on stationary bikes in a fitness center.
Get all of this for only $149/m*
When you sign up, our team will onboard your studio with every automation and dashboard category for free!
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the platform, the automations, or the support after 30 days, we will cancel your subscription no questions asked.

Start your 30-day, free trial today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the tools and experience the vibe of Loyalsnap and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.
Easy Decision + Top Notch Support
Hear how Mari from CycleBar Wiinston-Salem got back more time to focus on the people that matter.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will Loyalsnap work with my scheduling software, like Mindbody?

A: Yes! Loyalsnap integrates with ClubReady, Mariana Tek, and Mindbody

Q: I use another Automation software already. Can I use Loyalsnap?

A: Absolutely. Listen if you have no challenges with your current automations, don’t be silly and make more work for yourself. Leave it where it is. You can still benefit from Loyalsnap’s Client Management Dashboard, and Email and Text Blasts.

Q: What kind of support can I get?

A: We have customer support documentation inside the portal. We offer unlimited email support 9am EST - 5pm EST Monday - Friday. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to help you feel 100% confident using our platform!

Q: Why would I move to Loyalsnap if I’m already set up on another system?

A: First, Loyalsnap emails are triggered based on your client’s behavior, so messages are always relevant and specific. But the biggest difference is that the Loyalsnap team is made up of industry experts. We stay current with what’s happening in the industry now, and how to best communicate with your clients. 

Second, we also do all of the setup and provide ongoing support. You never have to wonder what to say, what to send or when to send it.

Third, having tried every other software out there (trust us), we’ve never seen anything as good as Loyalsnap. Yes, Really.

Q: I already follow up with clients. Why do I need Loyalsnap?

A: Loyalsnap automates the majority of your follow-ups, tasks, emails and texts so you don’t have to lose time doing the work manually. Everything runs smoothly in the background - allowing you to work on other parts of your business (or enjoy more free time).
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