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You deal with overwhelming processes, scattered communication channels, and the constant pressure
to convert prospects into long-term members. 

The struggle is real...but it doesn't have to be!

Say hello to Loyalsnap
the game-changing marketing and communication platform
tailored specifically for Mariana Tek clients

Unlock a world of possibilities and experience seamless member engagement like never before.

When you get started today, you get:
  • Dynamic Client Management Dashboard (so you can stop filtering out expired tasks, and start focusing on the right people at the right time)
  • ​Automated Texts and Emails (so your outreach can run on autopilot)
  • Email Blasts (perfect for segmenting clients and emailing them a specific marketing offer)
  • Text Blasts (so you can take your text marketing to the next level)
  • Texting App (because who is actually sitting in front of their computer all day?)

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Don't let the complexities of member engagement hold you back

Embrace the future of marketing and communication with Loyalsnap. Elevate your Mariana Tek experience, build lasting relationships, convert more prospects, and communicate effortlessly with your members – all in one platform.

Hear how Mari from CycleBar Wiinston-Salem got back more time to focus on the people that matter...

Our Promise + Free Trial Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the platform, the automations, or the support after 30 days, we will cancel your subscription no questions asked.

Start your trial today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the tools and experience the vibe of Loyalsnap and THEN... make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

You Frequently Asked | We excitedly Answered

Q: I use BrandBot Already. Can I use Loyalsnap?

A: Absolutely. Listen if you have no challenges with your current automations, don’t be silly and make more work for yourself. Leave it where it is. You can still benefit from Loyalsnap’s Client Management Dashboard, Email and Text Blasts, and Texting Inbox.

Q: What kind of support can I get?

A: We have customer support documentation inside the portal. We offer unlimited email support 9am EST - 5pm EST Monday - Friday. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to help you feel 100% confident using our platform!

Q: Why would I move to Loyalsnap if I’m already set up on another system?

A: Well, for one - most other systems don't help you build your automations and client management tasks - they give you access and the work falls on you to get it done. We load up your account with best practices based on your paradigm so that you aren't starting from scratch, and can get started in a matter of days.

Secondly, NO limits on # of contacts, users, automations, and dashboard categories. None.

Third, having tried every other software out there (trust us), we’ve never seen anything as good as Loyalsnap. Yes, Really.

Unlock your full potential with Loyalsnap

Join the ranks of over 2,000 successful studios that have transformed their member engagement strategy.
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